Status: active

Address: Santa Fe, Santa Fe, Argentina

Date: 2020-03-18

Organized by: Service of Pediatric Rheumatology, Hospital de niƱos Dr. Orlando Alassia

Contact Email: [email protected]

This activity attempts to show the feelings and thoughts of pediatric patients with JIA through their own drawings.

By asking: ‘How do you feel? draw yourself’, our patients expressed through the drawing how they felt about the disease.

They shared whit us pain, fatigue, anxiety, fear. Also happines, creativity, good thins, good humor.

For example, a13 year-old boy was admitted to an adult hospital with a plaster boot. Few days latter he started whit pain in his ankle, so he was bandaged. Then he has swelling in the other ankle and knee.
He drew himself in a swimming pool without his legs. Wanting to forget that traumatic situation.

The rest are drawings of happy children contained by their relatives who feel good despite the sickness.

Our logo is a pyramid that represent the service of pediatric rheumatology whit a patience at the centre.
This experience helped us to see that we all form the pyramid.
We have to maintain harmony to hold the patient, who is at the center of our service
Although he/she seems a bit stiff, maintains a similar attitude to his/her peers.