Status: active

Address: INTENDENCIA MUNICIPAL. Montevideo, Uruguay.

Date: 2023-02-18

Organized by: Reumatología Pediátrica Uruguay

Contact Email: [email protected]

Reumatología Pediatrica Uruguay is a community composed of patients with rheumatic diseases of childhood onset, their families and childhood rheumatologists. Our aim is disseminate information about rheumatic diseases in children and adolescents. On March 18 we will carry out the first day of integration and socio-education, between patients, relatives and doctors.

We will carry out informative talks, physical activities aimed at patients. These days will be disseminated through social media to raise awareness about the existence of rheumatic diseases in childhood.

You can find us on Instagram: Reumatología Pediátrica Uruguay (@reumatologiapediatricauruguay) • Fotos y videos de Instagram

Facebook: Reumatología Pediátrica Uruguay – | Montevideo | Facebook