Status: active

Address: São Paulo, Brazil

Date: 2023-03-18

Organized by: Dra. Cláudia Magalhães, Dr. Cláudio Len, Dra. Maria Teresa Terreri, Dra. Gleice Clemente, Luciana Peixoto & Marina Jarouche

Contact Email:

Incorporating the patient’s voices in pediatric rheumatic diseases treatment

Virtual Event (Zoom):
March 18th 2023
10:30 am – 12:30 pm BRT | 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm WET

Word Day Brazil 2023 Agenda:

1. Welcome
Dra. Cláudia Saad Magalhães, Dr. Cláudio Len, Dr. Clóvis Artur da Silva, Beatriz Peixoto

2. Treating JIA and other Pediatric Rheumatic Diseases – Where are we?
Dra. Filipa Ramos, Dra. Maria Teresa Terreri

3. Best Practices – How guidelines are done?
Dra. Gleice Clemente Russo, Dra. Sheila Knupp de Oliveira

4. Treatments Access – Inequalities in a continental country
Dra. Taciana Fernandes, Dra. Nadia Aikawa, Marina Jarouche

5. Shared Decision – Everyone has a role
Dr. Olaf Kraus de Camargo, Dr. Paulo Schor, Dra. Melissa Fraga, Marina Jarouche

6. Patient Stories – Each patient, one story

7. Support Networks – What can we do to gather and help?
Agregar (Luciana Peixoto e Marina Jarouche), Acredite (Vania de Almeida Franklin), Andai (Dra. Filipa Ramos), UNESP (Dra. Cláudia Saad Magalhães)

8. Questions & Wrap up
Dra. Cláudia Saad Magalhães, Dra. Gleice Clemente Russo