Status: active

Address: 10 Rue des Fidaines, 05000 Batna. Algeria

Date: 2021-03-18

Organized by: Dr. Djohra HADEF and -LeSOUK Batna- Scientific association of medical students

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The WORD Day will be celebrated for the first time in Algeria, and to spread the word to the next generation of doctors, the event will be organized by -LeSouk Batna-, a scientific association of medical students in .
Children with rheumatic diseases will be invited, on Thursday 18th of March 2021, to attend along with a group of medical students an exciting program of fun and educative activities. Children will be encouraged to participate actively in a warm and festive atmosphere with vivid and interactive exchange.
The gathering will bring together young patients who have not met before. It will be a space for sharing feelings and experiences with peers facing the same challenges. It will be also a suitable time to applaud the courage of these brave heroes in fighting the disease.
Furthermore, this meeting will be an opportunity for future doctors to apprehend the needs of young patients with rheumatic diseases. And why not get them involved to be part of the paediatric rheumatology community.