Share your story

An image speaks a 1000 words. Sharing your story is a powerful way of giving children with rheumatic diseases a voice. You can choose to remain anonymous by capturing images without showing your face. You can show medical aspects, share what inspires you or your everyday life: whatever you feel comfortable with.

  • Name or Nickname
  • Country
  • Age
  • Diagnosis
  • Time between first symptoms and diagnosis
  • Has early intervention made a difference?
  • Would early intervention have made a difference?

Activities around the world

Check out the Activities around the world to find events in your area

Are there no activities in your region yet, or do you want to setup another one?

  • Check out the WORD Day 2019 impact report for inspiration
  • Use the images and information from our Promotional Toolkit to create your own posters, folders and other material
  • Optional tip: use to design posters, folders and digital material, it’s an intuitive tool that helps you create beautiful designs
  • Enter the details regarding your plans on our world map
  • Optional: create a Facebook event to invite your audience
  • Have fun at your event & don’t forget to take photos and/or videos (make sure to get consent to share)
  • Let us know how it went & share your content and footage with hashtag #WORDday2020

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We are looking for WORDday ambassadors: together we can and will make a difference

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Take part on social media

Unable to attend an event in your region? There are many ways you can contribute – have a look at our social media challenge (the #buttonchallenge2020) and share our posts with your friends using the hashtag: #wordday2020. Every like, share and retweet goes a long way.

We often take the small things in life for granted. Things like tying shoelaces, turning a doorknob, playing ball outside or even buttoning up a shirt. We’ve created the #buttonchallenge2020 to shed light on the day-to-day struggles that children with rheumatic diseases face on a day to day basis. Put yourself in the shoes of a child with a rheumatic disease by taking part: Post a video of yourself buttoning up your shirt with gloves on and don’t forget to nominate three friends to do the same. In the spirit of #Wordday2020 – let’s collaborate to spread the word that children get rheumatic diseases too.

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