2022 Activities

Achievement Video “In spite of JIA, I have achieved…”

Address: Brisbane, Australia

Date: 2022-02-14

Organized by: Zoe's Angels Inc

¡Los niños y adolescentes también tienen enfermedades reumáticas!

Address: Ciudad de México, México

Date: 2022-02-21

Organized by: Reuma Joven México

New School Toolkit

Address: UK

Date: 2022-02-28

Organized by: Juvenile Arthritis Research

WORD Day Virtual Poster Making Workshop

Address: Glasgow

Date: 2022-03-12

Organized by: Versus Arthritis

Walk for WORD

Address: Johannesburg, South Africa

Date: 2022-03-12

Organized by: Arthritis Kids South Africa

WORD day awareness

Address: Pune, India

Date: 2022-03-16

Organized by: Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune

WORD Day Online Symposium

Address: Jakarta, Indonesia

Date: 2022-03-16

Organized by: Indonesia Pediatric Sociaety

I’m not too young for FMF

Address: inönü caddesi dolayoba pendk istanbul, Turkiye

Date: 2022-03-17

Organized by: FAROMDER

WORD Day Bookmarks across UK

Address: London

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: Juvenile Arthritis Research

Light up the City of Liverpool for Word Day

Address: The City of Liverpool Town Hall, Cunard Building and St Georges Hall

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: Sammy Ainsworth

What is a window of opportunity

Address: Argentina - Brasil - Chile - Colombia - Ecuador - Mejico - Paraguay

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: Fundación de Reumatología Infanto Juvenil de Argentina

JIA animation (The Netherlands)

Address: The Netherlands

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: Dutch JIA organization

Cassie + Friends x Rheumours Instagram Takeover

Address: Vancouver, Canada

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: Cassie + Friends and Rheumours

Not Too Young media campaign

Address: London

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: Juvenile Arthritis Research

Vidocapsules of rheumatic diseases in socialmedia. health website

Address: Alcaldía Cuauhtémoc Ciudad de México

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: Hospital Infantil de México Federico Gomez Servicio de Reumatología Pediátrica Dr. Enrique Faugier

Encuentro con familias de niños y adolescentes con enfermedades reumàticas

Address: capital federal, Argentina

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: Sociedad Argentina de Reumatologìa(Auspicia: Sociedad Argentina de Pediatria)

KCLR Radio Interview

Address: Carlow, Ireland

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: Fidelma Murphy & Cáitlín Keeley

JIA journeys videos

Address: Paris, France

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: KOURIR

Word awareness day

Address: Kaunas, Lithuania

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Hospital Kauno klinikos; Center for rare and undiagnosed diseases

Therapeutic education on “Chronic Inflammatory Rheumatism”

Address: Chaker Hotel lot, n°47 Av. de l'Indépendance, Batna 05000 Algeria

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: FEAS (Algerian Foundation of Arthritis and rhumatism ENAYA) and Pr. Djohra HADEF

Light up the ‘Umbrellas’ for Word Day

Address: Thessaoniki, Greece

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: Parents' and Caregivers' Association for Children with Chronic Rheumatic Diseases

L’esperto risponde … patologie reumatologiche in età pediatrica e adolescenziale.

Address: Italy

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: Italian organizations (AIFP, AILS, AMRI, APMARR, ARARA, Leoncini Coraggiosi, Il Volo, Stella Maris, REMARE)

Radio interview with doctor and patient

Address: Tel Aviv

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: Inbar

Día de concientización de Enfermedades Reumáticas en Niños

Address: Monterrey, Nuevo León México

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: Hospital Universitario "Dr. José Eleuterio González"

Los niños también pueden tener Enfermedades Reumáticas

Address: Monterrey, Nuevo León México

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad Materno Infantil

Young Rheumatic diseases: What the World should know

Address: Alameda Prof Hêrnani Monteiro Porto Portugal

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: Young adult and Pediatrica Rheumatology Unit S.João Hospital

Más fuerte que la artritis

Address: Plaza Ñuñoa, comuna Ñuñoa, santiago del chile

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: Corporación Ayuda al niño con Artritis Juvenil ANACROJ

Children can have Arthritis too

Address: Kochi, India

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: Pediatric Rheumatology Society, India

Bishop Martin Primary School, Liverpool WORD Day awareness event during science week

Address: Woolton, Liverpool, UK

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: Eve Smith

WORD Selfie

Address: toronto

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: Take a Pain Check

WORD DAY POSTERS and social media campaign

Address: Africa-Kenya, Lybia, Egypt, Nigeria, Mozambique, Tunisia, South Africa, Algeria, Cameroon

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: PAFLAR Patient advocacy committee

ENCA : Awareness is everything

Address: Europe

Date: 2022-03-18

Organized by: ENCA

Your body speaks: listen

Address: Greece

Date: 2022-03-18


World Museum Meet the Scientist Event

Address: World Museum Liverpool

Date: 2022-03-19

Organized by: Sammy Ainsworth

8 Hour Awareness Twitch Stream

Address: Norwich, United Kingdom

Date: 2022-03-19

Organized by: Joel Nelson (Joel vs Arthritis)


Address: Lisbon

Date: 2022-03-19

Organized by: ANDAI

Walk for Awareness

Address: Rondebosch

Date: 2022-03-19

Organized by: Arthritis Foundation of South Africa and Red Cross Children's Hospital

Walk and kids awareness program

Address: Cape Town, South Africa

Date: 2022-03-19

Organized by: Arthritis Foundation South Africa and Red Cross Children's Hospital

Educational webinar

Address: Saudi Arabia/ Riyadh

Date: 2022-03-20

Organized by: Saudi Rheumatism association

Pediatric to Adult Rheumatology Care Transition

Address: İstanbul University, İstanbul School of Medicine, Çapa - Fatih / İSTANBUL

Date: 2022-03-21

Organized by: İstanbul University, İstanbul School of Medicine, Pediatric Rheumatology Department

Transición de cuidados pediátricos a cuidados de adulto en enfermedades reumáticas

Address: Hospital Universitario de a Coruña , Spain

Date: 2022-03-25

Organized by: Liga Reumatolóxica Galega

World word day of RMDs in children and adolescents

Address: Coruña Spain

Date: 2022-03-26

Organized by: Spanish Society of Peadiatric Rheumatology (SERPE)

Word day 2022: a step forward in Algeria

Address: Department of Pediatrics. University Hospital Center of Batna Algeria

Date: 2022-03-26

Organized by: Prof. Djohra HADEF and -LeSOUK Batna- Scientific association of medical students

Celebrating the WORD day

Address: Cairo, Egypt, Children's Hospital, Ain Shams University

Date: 2022-03-28

Organized by: The Pediatric Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology Unit, Children's Hospital, Ain Shams University